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February 2, 2017 | Jim Agger

What Walmart's Free Shipping Move Means for Wineries

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Yesterday, Walmart announced they would offer free 2-day shipping for all customers, undercutting Amazon's Prime membership. As consumer expectations for free shipping continue to increase, here's what wineries need to know.

This week, Walmart announced that they will offer free two day shipping on over 2 million items for orders over $35. This directly undercuts Amazon's Prime offering, where customers pay $99 for the same privilege.

What does this mean for wineries? It means that the bar has been raised yet again for consumer expectations about free and fast shipping.

At WineDirect and Vin65, we are longstanding proponents of free (or heavily discounted) shipping because we know that it works. The results from our 46Brix shipping and loyalty program show that. In the end, you're not competing against other wineries for your customers' dollars, you're competing against Walmart and Amazon. If your customers can't order wine from you and have it arrive within a few days for a low price, they are going to take their money elsewhere and buy a handbag or a pair of shoes. Walmart's latest move makes that tradeoff even more stark.

So, what's a winery to do? Check out our whitepaper to learn how you can offer shipping incentives without breaking the bank:

Download our Shipping Incentives Whitepaper


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